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We can get your business on-air with high impact tight budget TV advertising

TV Advertising just got easier!

The digital switchover brings a growing list of new channels to air, each of them focused on a specific target audience. As New Zealand switches to digital TV broadcast the playing field is levelled for these new channels as everyone in the country will have instant access as soon as they go to air. In the past new TV channels have relied on signal repeater station throughout the country to boost the signal to reach all area.

The big advantage to advertiser.

The advantages to companies wanting to promote on TV are two fold. More channels means more cost effective advertising spots as channels compete for the advertising dollar. TV channels will have to become more targeted to retain an audience which gives advertisers to opportunity to more finely tune advertising toward their demographic.

The benefits of advertising on TV

  • TV is still the most powerful form of advertising reaching the largest viewership of any medium
  • TV Advertisers can achieve instant response to a call to action
  • It is possible to target demographics through specific placement
  • Television advertising spots offer a broad range of pricing options
  • TV adverts can help buid brand recognition to a broader audience for future sales opportunities
  • As TV advertising is passive, it can often drive incidental and spontaneous sales

We can take your script or idea and turn it into high a quality TVC, like these