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Statistical Proof That Video/Internet Marketing Helps

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Most businesses both big as well as small should understand just how important and powerful using video and internet advertisements are. Marketing in itself is very powerful and has the potential to increase your sales as well as help your business attract more customers. Marketing strategies can even help keep more customers around and encourage them to tell others about the business’s great service or product. In reality most beginning businesses don’t understand the full benefit of having a efficient marketing strategy behind them, so this article will break down some facts and figures.

Facts and Figures of Video Marketing

The first thing a business should know is that at anytime during the day there are around an average of 100 million people using the internet. This tremendous amount of users means that there are potential customers logging in and off the computer every second. Some are looking for shoes, while others are downloading music. The point is that there is tons of potential for your company to advertise itself to these people. According to one online statistic more than 80% of people remember an ad that they watched on a website. This means that if seen, your business’s ad is more likely to be remember than not. Also about 30% of them researched more about the product and about about 15% of them went on to purchase the product.

The average amount of video views is around 33 a month not mentioning the amount of websites visited. In recent studies those that watch videos on their smartphones are more likely to watch an advertisement than those viewing it on a desktop. Also after interviewing over 2000 online video watchers the average person stated that if the ad did not seem interesting within the first 10 seconds then they would move on. This is important information for your business to use when constructing and ad online or in video.

All of these statistics prove that internet streaming and advertisements are great ways to market your product or service. A business would just need to make sure that they capture the customer’s attention within the first 5-10 seconds.

This article was written by Bigredfirecracker