June 23, 2019by Jon Waters

Shooting the Major Phill Goff

Micing up the Mayor, I’m sure he’s done it a few times.

Shooting events can sometimes be challenging but even more so when it’s the middle of winter, there’s a thick blanket of fog and the venue is a muddy park that’s just been prepared for a massive tree planting. When we arrived we were right behind one of Auckland Council’s 4WD Utes which ended up driving us from the pony club car park down the paddocks to the planting site. At the venue a row of popups housed food and drinks for the 1000 or so school children, AC staff and community offenders they were expecting within half an hour.

The mayor arrived in very casual attire and to be honest he is just a very down to earth kiwi guy. He was humble and considerate, friendly and cooperative. Four other film crews turned up to shoot the occasion including Maori TV, Media Works and Chinese TV, so it turned into a media scrum at times.

As I don’t shoot a lot of events, I started to question weather my gear was well suited to the job. Most of what I ended up using in the final video I shoot with the GH4 on a gimbal. It’s a very different set up to the very large old school ENG (event and news gathering) cameras the TV crews bought along and they were either locked off on a tripod or shoulder mounted. I know I couldn’t have got the feel good shots of the kids planting in the video with that type of setup, but I was very limited with zooming compared to the 2/3″ sensor cameras the others had.

I took along my trusty C100 and shot the speeches with it but ended up casting that footage aside when I trimmed down the edit. It just didn’t seem to fit with the more hand held look of the rest of the video.