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Billboards or Video?

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Finding the Best Marketing Strategy: Comparing Billboards, Television and the Internet

There are all different types of methods of advertising and marketing that a business can use to promote their company. Advertising and marketing strategies allow the company to showcase their products to many more potential customers that will love to use it. This will benefit both the customer as well as the business. For a customer the benefit is getting a great product that will make their lives more comfortable, easier or more enjoyable. For the business this will allow them to attract more loyal customers and obviously more money.

Use of a Billboard

During the early years of marketing and even today this is a great way to market your company. A billboard can come in many forms that allow potential clients to see your company’s newest products, logos and merchandise. The benefit of this type of advertising is that you will be able to market your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a relatively cheap way to market your business or products that can be placed at bus stops and on top of high platforms. The disadvantage to this type of advertising is that it can easily be ignored as well. Some people driving or walking past may not even notice the billboard. Also there’s a chance that vandals may tag or spray paint over the advertisement

Internet and Television Marketing Use

The use of television commercials allow a company to promote their products via the television. The majority of families in the United States have more than one television in their home. This is a great way for companies like Burger King and McDonalds to promote their new menu items. The truth is all businesses can make use of this advantage and begin to create a 30-60 second commercial. The disadvantage to a television commercial is it is usually expensive to get a slot during primetime and it can easily be ignored by turning the television off.

The Internet present itself as an almost endless supply of advertising space that can be used as a company see’s fit. If so desired an internet ad can be as long or as short as a company desires giving them more control over it. The disadvantage of this is most people do not like to be bother during internet streaming of video or audio files. A person could be turned off by a product, especially if it interferes with their favorite show.

This article was written by Bigredfirecracker